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Use Our Organic Skincare, You Can Have Beautiful, Luminous Skin With Just A Couple Of Minutes Of Easy, Daily Care.

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Discovery Call

We highly recommend scheduling a FREE 15 Minute Holistic Wellness Discovery Call prior to purchasing one of our programs. This gives you the unique opportunity to get a live, simple, yet insightful consultation, and to ask any questions, or voice any concerns you may have.


6 Week Rebalance

Our 6-Week 'Rebalance' program was specifically created to help educate you & re-program your nutritional foundations to implement new, healthier Holistic eating habits. Most "food" these days is heavily processed, leaving little to no nutritional value. Even some of those brands claiming to be "healthy", "all natural", or "diet"!


90 Day Transformation

Our 90 Day 'Transformation' program is uniquely designed to help you transition from a toxic lifestyle to a Holistic lifestyle. This program is complete with all the tools needed to educate you & re-program your nutritional foundations to help you implement new, healthier eating habits to achieve an overall WHOLE-istic lifestyle.

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Pale Moonlight

"Such a beautiful energy these Blue Lotus flowers hold within them. Thank you Royal Roots."

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Our certification means that 100% of the plant ingredients in our products are produced by organic farming. Harmful synthetic ingredients, GMOs and animal testing are completely banned.

Lashaunte E.

Visalia, CA

Marti truly makes quality products. I ordered sarsaparilla, and cascara sagrada capsules, and elderberry syrup for my baby. Let me just say I have used herbs for a while and have bought herbs from numerous companies over the years, but the quality of product that is produced here keeps me coming back. She is not only super knowledgeable, but makes quality products. My anemia is in check and I feel my energy has gone up since taking the supplements. The elderberry is concentrated and a little goes a long way. My baby loves it!! If you're looking for quality products, someone who is knowledgeable, and great customer service you have come to the right place..

Dominique Rogers

Atlanta, GA

"Give thanks to Royal Roots for the tincture. It tastes so good!"

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Once you give your skin a complete break from perfume, alcohol and other synthetic chemicals, and use our organic skincare, you can have beautiful, luminous skin with just a couple of minutes of easy, daily care. The rest comes from eating well, being your authentic self, and honoring what makes you happy. So be happy, healthy and loving, foremost to yourself.

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Certified Herbalist

Mary Blue has been teaching Western Herbalism programs and classes since 2006. She has developed an herbal program that introduces the student to the foundational principles of herbalism. From terminology to traditions, from science to salves, from food as medicine to community herbalism concepts, this program will lead you on your path to becoming a confident family herbalist and on your way to being a community herbalist!

Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor

Gaelle Organic products are registered for sale in the European Union in compliance with EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009, the upgraded consumer safety standard that came into effect in July 2013.

Trained Holistic Detox Specialist

skinsho is a member of the Green Spa Network.